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On bikes, mud holes and clearing the head


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 Sunday, 16 December 2007
On bikes, mud holes and clearing the head

A couple of months ago I bought a new bike, a mountain bike, specifically a Scott Scale 40, 2006 model (link to 2007 model). It’s fantastic, absolutely fantastic. It has a very nice frame, excellent suspended Fox 32 F100RL fork and great gears from Shimano. All in all a fantastic new toy.


Throughout the years I have tried lots of different sports, I play or have played football, badminton and tennis; I have swum, kayaked, gone to the gym and I still regularly run. To me the key thing across all of these is that I have to have fun doing them. If not I just can’t get myself out the door. And riding my new bike is so much fun! Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard (we are talking “having to stop and catch your breath and fight the urge to through up” kind of hard) but fun – that’s the beauty of it.

Just to underline, I had a trip a few weeks back where I spent a couple of hours beating myself up on the bike in the forest and had my first crash, rode through my first pool of mud and almost ran in to a deer! How great is that!

And all the time I had fun and although I was in the middle of a lot of work and had my head full of too many things I totally ‘forgot’ it all for a couple of hours. The trip actually took place the day before I went to a potential client to present an important proposal. And finally we are closing in on the point of this post – yes there was one, right from the start – the clearing of heads.

I believe that clearing your head is one of the most important things you can do. I believe that letting everything go for a while is one of the healthiest things there is. To walk away from an obstacle when having stared at it long enough. If you have been digging in to a problem and simply can’t seem to find a solution; let it go; think about something else and come back later – more times than not this will help. I now it does for me.

Now for this to work your head needs to be cleared as much as possible and right now my bike does that for me. How you do it is up to you – go clear your head!

Sunday, 16 December 2007 16:50:02 (Romance Standard Time, UTC+01:00)#Comments [0]